Frequently asked questions

What kind of music do you make?

Genrewise, a mix of folk and jazz. The ultimate goal is a cross between Ben Folds, Chris Thile, and Barenaked Ladies but god dammit if I'm ever gonna make it there. Mediawise, I do session work, live shows, scoring for films/commercials/tv, special events, audiobooks/podcasts, and pretty much anything else that I can tap my foot or break my brain to.

Are you arrogant?

I mean, who isn't? But you're probably asking because there's a lot of "me" on my site.* I think humor and confidence are incredibly important attributes to grow and hone as a performing artist. I really try to make everything fun for you, but I also work hard at this, and I really love what I do. That candor and passion can come off a little strange at first, but I promise I'm a nice guy. As long as my wifi's working, anyway. *Well I should hope I'm on my own site

Do you teach?

Not really. I think about music in a pretty heavily internalized way that's hard to articulate if you aren't already comfortable on your instrument. I'm happy to attempt, but it's not my strength. Of course, if you're the kind of student that responds well to "And then from there you just kind of do it," then maybe we should talk ;D

Do you want to get a beer?