Perfectish Album & Extras
  • Perfectish Album & Extras


    Who needs disc drives when you've got USB ports!


    By stabbing this tiny musical dagger into your computer, you'll gain access to THREE one-hour tracks of entirely improvised acoustic guitar. Yes, it's insane. It's also incredibly atmospheric, relaxing, and motivating all at once. And yes, I narrate myself throughout, so it's probably worth it for that alone. Plus all the video content on here. Plus all the artwork. Plus the other goodies I've stowed away in secret. 


    This is the only place to get access to the original, superbly high quality, uncompressed versions of these tracks. So if you're like me and constantly wonder what it'd be like to be inside my guitar, this is probably the closest we'll get until my dad invents a machine that accidentally shrinks our entire family down to size for a fun and traumatic adventure. 


    He's working on that, but until then, just buy this nice thing. I made it for you, after all. 

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    • Details & Such

      A 16GB USB drive, chock full of 3 hours of improvised guitar, plus album artwork and videos detailing the beginning of session 1 and the entirety of session 3. And a few bonus goodies, just because. 

    • Shipping & Such

      It'll get there, it'll just take a minute. It's okay, savor this time, let the anticipation build.