Playing With Myself Video & Album
  • Playing With Myself Video & Album


    The marketing boys would call this baby a "universally accessible multimedia sensory experience." They're not wrong, they're just overpaid and use lots of unecessary words to hide that. 


    But yeah, USBs are awesome. These ones, especially so, since they come stuffed full with this extra special one-man show called Playing With Myself: Live in Front of People.


    It's wholesome and edgy. It's a video and an album. It's me and several instruments wrestling with a microphone for 84 minutes of pure joy. It's something I'm incredibly proud of that I want to share with you. And that's not even to mention the bonus photos, art, wallpapers, and super-secret goodies you can only get from this lil' gadget. 


    So what are you waiting for? I wrote this whole description at 2:15AM just for your benefit. Buy this cool thing already! We'll all be better off as soon as you do ;D

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    • Details & Such

      A 32GB USB drive, chock full of the entire 84 minute video special, plus high quality and uncompressed audio tracks of each song. You'll also find several beautiful and unreleased photos, plus some artsy wallpapers and other bonus goodies. 

    • Shipping & Such

      It'll get there, it just might take a minute. It's okay, breathe it in, relax. Enjoy it. Now is all you have. Ahhhhh....