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Store Policy 

Customer Care

The products on the Adam Baerd store are currently intangible and therefore cannot be held accountable to subjective standards such as customer satisfaction or corporeal existence. This page exists solely for two reasons:

1) To remind customers that they will, in effect, receive NOTHING (digital or physical) should they choose to give money to this idiot. 

2) To give Adam an excuse to write stuff that sounds like legalese. 

Privacy & Safety 

Okay to be fair your information is totally secure and encrypted, so we have that going for us at least. Still, that's no reason to purchase a non-tangible item that won't really add anything to your life. The highest honor we can give to the products offered on this store according to the FDA is "placebo," but if we're being honest with ourselves, even that's stretching it. 

Wholesale Inquiries

Adam doesn't really know what this means because he's a musician and not a grain store, but the section was already here in the template and we didn't really wanna rock the boat y'know?

Payment Methods

- Credit / Debit Cards

- Offline Payments

- Attention

- Pizza

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