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Welcome to The Social Symphony

I'm on a year-long quest to swap notes with a ridiculous number of musicians.

I'd like you to be one of them,

and I think you'll like it, too.





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My newest music friends.

fresh from the fields of instagram

Can't do it without ya.

Wouldn't want to either.

  The Social Symphony Q&A

  • Do you want to get a beer?
  • Do you teach?
    Not really. I think about music in a pretty heavily internalized way that's hard to articulate if you aren't already comfortable on your instrument. I'm happy to attempt, but it's not my strength. Of course, if you're the kind of student that responds well to "And then from there you just kind of do it," then maybe we should talk ;D
  • Are you arrogant?
    I mean, who isn't? But you're probably asking because there's a lot of "me" on my site.* I think humor and confidence are incredibly important attributes to grow and hone as a performing artist. I really try to make everything fun for you, but I also work hard at this, and I really love what I do. That candor and passion can come off a little strange at first, but I promise I'm a nice guy. As long as my wifi's working, anyway. *Well I should hope I'm on my own site
  • What kind of music do you make?
    Genrewise, a mix of folk and jazz. The ultimate goal is a cross between Ben Folds, Chris Thile, and Barenaked Ladies but god dammit if I'm ever gonna make it there. Mediawise, I do session work, live shows, scoring for films/commercials/tv, special events, audiobooks/podcasts, and pretty much anything else that I can tap my foot or break my brain to.
  • What inspired this whole crazy thing?
    Once upon a time (like, a few months ago), I wrote 100 Riffs in 100 Places in 100 Days. It was awesome. It was grueling. It was certifiable. And while I learned plenty of things, the biggest one is that I love playing with people. The improvisations I had with others during the journey were the most exciting, fulfilling, and educational moments from the whole project. And frankly, they're the ones I go back and watch the most. So after a little reflection and a lot of courage-gathering, I'm tackling this whole new Social Symphony. Whether a player or a viewer, I hope you'll come along for the ride.
  • How good do I have to be?
    It helps if you know where to put your fingers, elbows, and toes, but this experiment is for everyone from professionals to elementary schoolers. All you need is some kind of instrument, and a willingness to teach, learn, and create with me. That's not too much to ask now, is it?
  • What if I'm not comfortable improvising?
    Well how do you think you learn? I know it's scary at first (and that never fully goes away), but once you get over worrying "what other people think" about your skill level or whatever else, you'll enjoy music a hell of a lot more, I promise. I've been lucky to learn that, and I want to share it with as many people as I can.
  • Can vocalists/songwriters participate?
    There's a whole booking section dedicated to your kind! It includes a "pre-writing" session for lyrics and harmonies and wonderful things like that. Check it out and let's make something already!
  • Can't we just cover a song?
    This whole project is about learning to communicate and share musical ideas with others, so while covers can be really fun, they provide too much of a predetermined shortcut for where our ideas should go, rather than seeing where they could go. Improvising/writing original material is more vulnerable and exploratory, and while it might be uncomfortable, it almost always makes us both better musicians. Plus, and trust me on this, we don't want to be dealing with copyright issues six months from now when everyone's suddenly looking at us. If revenue starts coming in, wouldn't you rather have some of it? ;D
  • Where will this be posted and will it make money?
    Instagram is the primary platform, so we can only post up to 60 seconds of material anyway, which definitely takes the pressure off. As the project gathers steam/attention/press, we'll start to get a lot of eyeballs. This is important: If any money rolls in as a direct result of a video we make, you'll be paid exactly as much as everyone else in that video, myself included. If it's just the two of us, you get 50%, if there are three of us, 33%, etc. If any money rolls in as the direct result of a compillation video, everyone will be paid porportional to the number of appearances in said compillation, myself included. Of course, we're doing this all for the friendships and the music, but it's important to have these financial expectations set fairly, awesomely, and early so that if (read: when) people start listening, we all win together!

Pick a Date to Make Music with Me

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  • Cool, let's write some lyrics/melodies/harmonies and then record it in...

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