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Guitarist, among other things.

Live shows, film scoring, internet videos, and an album in the works. Whatever keeps me playing with  folksy, jazzy snark.

Get to know me in...

3 Minutes

Adam In Action

Playing With Myself:

Live in Front of People

A one-man show, and much more.

Social Symphony

Proof that social media doesn't have to suck.

Improvising with Andy McKee

If you get a chance, do it.

GGBY Spacenet

400 feet in the air, so yeah, Kim's singing pretty high.


A three-hour, improvised guitar album with a surprising number of uses.


Me in a coconutshell.

100 Riffs, 100 Days, 100 Places

A compositional challenge,

from Singapore to my kitchen sink.


The adorable video for the single from my first music project,

Alpine Falcons.